About Sandra Vallaure

¡Hola! Would you like to know more about me? My name is Sandra Vallaure and I’m from Spain.

I have been living several years in Seville, a city that many people believe as the most exuberant and beautiful in the country. And you know what? I couldn’t agree more!


My Story

My passion for photography started at a very early age. Both my mother’s father and my own father helped me develop a strong passion for photography since I was a little girl. First, making me pose as their model. Then, offering me my first camera for Christmas when I was 8 years old. Finally, taking me abroad to explore the world while capturing it…

From there on, I just couldn’t stop.

I am a self-taught photographer. So I won’t pretend I’m an expert (or that I know everything there is to know about photography) because I am not, and who does?

However, being self-taught helped me learn some valuable lessons the hard, painful, torturous way and therefore, guaranteed that I never forget them.

To say that I love helping others succeed is an understatement. Being able to help transform people into better photographers from across the globe is truly remarkable and something I don’t take for granted.

Apart from photography, my life is related to travelling, discovering different cultures and learning new languages.

For various reasons I’ve lived in Morocco, Mexico, France, Australia and New Zealand, apart from Spain of course. And after having been to 35+ countries, learnt 5 languages and lived in 8 cities, I can finally call Seville “home”.

As an independent traveler myself, I like to plan in advance my next holidays working on every detail. I have learnt a lot of all these hours spent in front of the computer studying maps, looking for cheap flights and trying to find the best accommodation.

So I have been where you are. I know what it is to have a very limited time at a specific destination while wanting to capture its essence with a camera. Where do you start?




Portfolio: www.sandravallaure.com Seville Website: www.seville-traveller.com
Photography Blog (Spanish): www.sifakka.com Madrid Website: www.madrid-traveller.com
Photography Podcast (Spanish): www.sifakka.com/destino


Gear List

“What’s in your bag?” is a question that I regularly get.

People are often shocked to find out how little gear I travel with. I’ve learnt over time that less is more, especially in terms of weight and space. What works on a controlled photo shoot (which is something I never do – it’s not my thing) isn’t going to cut it in the field. Here is my current camera gear and a few accessories.


Some Of My Favorite Pictures


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