Features of a Photo Tour


Discover Seville through photography

Choose from various areas in the city to capture the famous monuments, the intimate street scenes or the sleek lines of traditional architecture. While my focus is on improving your photography skills, I also take time out to review your photos, share practical tips or simply tell a few stories about Seville.


Understand your camera

Take creative control of your camera by learning to use manual settings and mastering exposure through proper light metering. Technical photography instruction is tailored to your level and presented in non-technical language. I will review with you the most important settings of your camera.


Choose your learning bite type

Choose from a variety of options, from the main monuments and central area to an area off the beaten track to immerse yourself in the world of photography in Seville. Learn to catch the best light through blue hour photography sessions. Let me organize a customized tour around your schedule to make the most of your time in Seville.

Learn from a travel photographer

I am an easy-going independent travel photographer and I have a wealth of photography experience. I share my photography knowledge through easy-to-understand instruction, allowing you to progress quickly. Receive immediate feedback to take your photography skills to the next level.


Unleash your photographic creativity

Beyond the camera talk, my main focus is on the visual elements of good composition and what makes a compelling photograph. I give you fun exercises to get the creative juices flowing and help you think outside the box. Seville provides an ideal backdrop for a wide variety of styles and techniques.


Continue to improve your photography

Of course, your new photography skills are good beyond the streets of Seville and will last a lifetime. You can continue practicing the exercises at home and on your next trip. I invite you to stay in touch with me, ask more questions or simply share your photos. I am always happy to hear from you!



What others are saying


Thanks for showing me a small part of Seville. As far as I can tell you know your city very well – the same goes for photography. All in all I am very happy with the photowalk, and I expect to be even happier in a few weeks time when I have some large prints in my hands.

Richard Antzer

I was very pleased that you took the time before the walk to question me about my expectations and interests, so you could cater the route accordingly. My main reason for taking the walk was to find locations that, although not taking photographs at the time, I could return later and spend more time. In that respect it was most successful, as I had already walked around the particular area a few times and missed ALL the best locations! That local knowledge is priceless. The duration is about right at 3 and a half hours, and at the right time of day for the best light.

Peter Turnock